Home Study Course + RALAcademy Origins: Student Success Stories


The RAL Home Study Course teaches you how to convert a residential home into a profitable assisted living facility, providing a stable business model opposed to the fluctuating real estate markets.

Through a comprehensive video curriculum and success stories from RALAcademy graduates, you’ll learn the business inside-out, understand the market demand for senior housing, and envision creating a lasting legacy and achieving financial freedom.



Learn More About Home Study Course + RALAcademy Origins: Student Success Stories

Everything you need to know about running a profitable RAL business is delivered directly to you in a go-at-your-own-pace video curriculum—accessible 24/7, including a complete library of student success tories.

Our certified RAL Home Study Course reveals how you can convert a residential home into a cash flow machine! Starting an assisted living home can help you create a legacy for you and your family while working to achieve financial freedom!

Once you’ve learned the business model, RALAcademy Origins: Student Success Stories takes you inside the homes of RALAcademy graduates to see how they have built their businesses. Get to know their properties, learn from their successes (and mistakes), and build the vision for your business and your home!

Instead of the come-and-go nature of fix-and-flip or the unpredictability of buy-and-hold, your business serves high-quality, low-impact residents whose most pressing need is finding appropriate housing.

Residential Assisted Living is the marriage of proven business principles to lucrative real estate investments. The need for senior housing is real!