What is Residential Assisted Living?

The greatest real estate and business investment for the next 25 years.

Use a residential home to assist seniors and build a business for yourself.

How Do I get Started?

⬇️    Before we begin, let's dig into the basics...   ⬇️

Before we begin, let's dig into the basics...

Everything You Need for Success

Residential Assisted Living Starter Pack

The Starter Pack includes unlimited, always and forever access to our three highest value introductory offers.

Intrigued? So many are and for good reason. Residential Assisted Living is on the cutting edge of Real Estate for the next 20 years.

Keep reading to learn more about each one of these offers included in the Residential Assisted Living Starter Pack.

RAL Introductory Course

Seven part video series outlining the basics of Residential Assisted Living

Silver Tsunami of Seniors

Follow the “Godfather” of Residential Assisted Living, Gene Guarino, on his RAL journey to success.

You will receive a physical copy in the mail!

RAL Profitability Calculator

A simplified version of our Financial Suite Software ($30k/yr) to help you see the real numbers of RAL.

The Opportunity of RAL Is Real

Creating A Financial Legacy Starts Here


The Starter Pack is the greatest dollar for dollar value to learn the RAL system.

The Silver Tsunami of Seniors

With 77 million Baby Boomers in the country, this mega-trend cannot be stopped. The US Census estimates approximately 120,000 people each month are turning 85 and 70% of them need help with their activities of daily living.

Residential Assisted Living Introductory Course

Get Started With A Simple Introduction to RAL

Anyone can find success in the Residential Assisted Living business model. If this is your first time hearing about RAL, your first question should be, “How does RAL work and will it work for me?”

We have prepared a free training taught by RALAcademy Founder, Gene Guarino, and in it Gene will answer every question you could or should have about Residential Assisted Living. 

*This course has been accessed by over 30,000 individuals interested in RAL.

Prepare Yourself to Go Beyond 101

Four additional offers to create a financial legacy

Get Your Copy of Silver Tsunami of Seniors

This book is a true blueprint for individuals who want financial freedom by providing high-quality senior care… and we will send you a physical copy!

Everything you need to know to start your business is contained within… get your copy now!

You will receive a physical copy in the mail!

This is a $1,500 value

See Potential Profitability

The possibility for life-changing revenue in the RAL business model is real. Revenue that can build a financial legacy for generations to come.

We built a Residential Assisted Living calculator tool to help you see for yourself the potential for cashflow.

Nothing Should Hold You Back from RAL Success

The RAL Starter Pack, dollar for dollar, offers more value than any other pathway into RAL. Not only is it one of the most affordable ways to step into RAL, the material is also the easiest to consume in a short time.

The RAL Starter Pack is the Quickest Route to understanding the opportunity, The RAL Formula, and discovering the RAL role you are best suited to play!

Get Your RAL Starter Pack

RAL Introductory Course

Silver Tsunami Book

You will receive a physical copy in the mail!

RAL Profitability Calculator

Creating A Financial Legacy Starts Here